Who I am outside the Courtroom- "Real Life"

   Kristina came to Sierra Vista, Arizona in 2013, from Lincoln, Nebraska to work for the Cochise County Attorney's Office.

       Kristina ran a private law firm in Nebraska, but after falling on ice & breaking her nose- she was done with the cold Nebraska climate. She came site unseen and without any family or friends in Cochise County. Immediately, Kristina fell in love with the warmer climates and the  beauty of Cochise County. The uniqueness of the area, with most people being transplants as well, has helped Kristina to make lifelong friendships and a commitment to stay. 

                Kristina is a mother to 6 sons and 1 daughter.   As an avid Husker fan, Kristina is a football mom. She’s had boys play at Buena (GO COLTS!) and for the SVYFAC (city league).  Her daughter has fallen in LOVE with dance at Sierra Vista Dance Company.

          Kristina is the proud daughter of a Korean Veteran. During her practice as a prosecutor in JP5, Kristina was an advocate for treating Veteran's with respect and connecting them with the VA through the CARe program. Kristina is also a lifelong member of the VFW Auxiliary.  

          Kristina  is also proud member of Kiwanis (reading to children, doing trash pickups, stocking stuffers, and more) , in addition has done service through local churchess and has helped feed those struggling at Good Neighbor Alliance.       


Overcoming Adversity

          Kristina became a mother at 15 years old and learned about grief and suicide at 18 when her high school sweetheart passed away. 

            Kristina pushed against the odds and started at a community college as a first-generation student, who graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with her B.S. in High School English Education in 2005. She graduated in December of 2008 from the University of Nebraska College of Law, with her Juris Doctorate. 

             As a single mom, Kristina put herself through college and has maintained a reputation as a hard-worker, striving to be an example to her children. Kristina was a motivational speaker in Nebraska for teenage mothers and teachers on how to overcome struggles and fight to achieve.  

          In 2014, Kristina learned about loss again, when her 19 year old son passed away in a car accident. Kristina was forced to push through this tragedy to provide for her children. Despite her loss, Kristina did gain an amazing granddaughter to carry on her son's memory. 


Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, JP5 Cochise County

Who do you want on your bench?

              Kristina is a person who has lived life. She has faced struggles and adversity and overcome them. Her ability to relate to real life issues leads to open-mindedness and the willingness to listen to all parties. 

                Kristina believes in justice and fairness.  Kristina's real life experiences, coupled with her work performance as a trial attorney, make her THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE.


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