Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz
Justice of the Peace
Precinct 5

Your most QUALIFIED Candidate!

Uncommon Name, Extraordinary Qualifications

Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz 
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 JP5
Cochise County AZ
Lawyer Experience

Justice Precinct 5

The MOST QUALIFIED Candidate for JP5

Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz
For Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5
Cochise County AZ

        Other Candidates want you to believe experience in JP5 doesn’t matter- but JP5 is THE busiest court in Cochise County and deals with Domestic Violence, DUIs, and even is responsible for presiding over felony preliminary hearings. The person on the bench should have Extensive trial experience to preside over these trials.

Kristina is the ONLY candidate with these qualifications:

  • trail attorney since 2009.
  • been both a prosecutor and defender.
  • Proven dedication to Cochise County‘s legal community as a public servant for 6 years  at the County Attorney's office and for the State. 
  •  has prosecuted over 4,000 misdemeanor cases. 
  • Tried 100+ Bench trials
  • spent 3+ years as the prosecutor in JP5 handling over 1,500 cases a year

Her tireless efforts in the courtroom, behind the scenes, and volunteering in workshops, show her dedication  to making our local community a better place.

         Kristina has a reputation of being fair and striving for justice in the court systems.

         Kristina graduated from the Arizona State Bar Leadership Institute In 2016.

         Kristina has taught many classes to local law enforcement to promote  more educated community. 

         A vote for Kristina is a vote for candidate who has shown a commitment to Cochise County! For a candidate who is Educated in the Law! A Fair Justice of the Peace! And a Justice who will serve the law, not let the law serve them. 

          Kristina’s philosophy is that education on the law and constitution is JUSTICE FOR ALL.

          Kristina’s goal is that everyone that has a case with her knows and trusts that justice will prevail.  

United By A Common Goal


Kristina knows the importance of JP5 in our local community. 

JP5 is NOT just traffic court. 

This is the PEOPLE’s COURT

& the PEOPLE deserve an Educated  & Experienced JP that understands criminal and civil law.

But we can not do it alone! 


Get Involved


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Handing out information, word-of-mouth, helping gather signatures and donating $ for posters and signs are all ways of helping ensure Kristina takes the bench. We have 20,000 voters to reach!